Metro Council members propose investigation into Mayor Fischer as numerous petitions call for his removal

Metro Council members propose investigation into Mayor Fischer as numerous petitions call for his removal

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is now under the microscope and a possible investigation. Metro Councilmen Anthony Piagentini and Brent Ackerson announced their intentions Monday to pursue an investigation into Fischer’s handling of recent events.

The investigation, if approved by the rest of the Metro Council could be rather broad and involved the Breonna Taylor case and accusations the mayor’s office is holding back information such as Taylor’s autopsy report. It could also look into why the National Guard was called before the David McAtee shooting and find out who is behind the alleged orders for police officers to stand down during violent rioting and looting in the city.

Piagentini and Ackerson allege Fischer’s administration is hiding information and playing the blame game.

Metro Council members propose investigation into Mayor Fischer

“‘I’m sorry’ isn’t good enough,” Piagentinie said. “‘I didn’t know’ isn’t good enough either.”

The republican and democrat said Monday they want answers Fischer’s office isn’t giving them.

“The public has the right to know who is calling the shots and what the thought process is,” Ackerson said. ”The officers on the ground, that’s the rank and file. They are doing what they are told, so the question is who is telling them what and why?”

The investigation would be presented through the Government Accountability Committee, which was recently granted subpoena power. The committee also has the ability to have people, including the mayor himself, testify under oath.

“There’s a lot of times folks come before us and they’ll sit and I don’t believe what they tell me,” Ackerson said.

Piagentini said these matters shouldn’t be kept in the dark.

“The public is upset, and they want answers,” Piagentini said.

The proposition would be presented to the full council which would then debate the scope of the investigation. The resolution is expected to go before the council in July.

On top of the proposed investigation by Piagentini and Ackerson, there are at least four petitions calling for Fischer’s removal from office, one of which already has nearly 6,000 signatures. When asked if the petitions would lead to removing the mayor, the councilmen said they don’t want to jump to conclusions.

To remove the mayor, there need to be 10 council members starting the process and a full public hearing. Then, there would need to be two-thirds of the remaining council in favor of his removal.

Fischer’s office did not respond to WAVE 3 News’ requests for comment.

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