Different Summer Football Program for Male

Different Summer Football Program for Male
The Male High School football team preps for their game against Trinity. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Football in July is quite a bit different for Male High School. Normally, they would be preparing for some fierce competition. “We’d be getting ready to go to Charlotte, North Carolina for seven-on-seven against the best teams on the East Coast,” said head coach, Chris Wolfe. Unfortunately, instead of competing in a national tournament, they’re conditioning.

Even with conditioning, things are extremely different. The team is broken up into two sessions in the morning with the players broken up into pods. Even something as simple as weight training has had to be adjusted. We’re not allowed in the weight room, and so, we were able to take the dumb bells outside. We’re allowed to get a football out a little bit,” said Wolfe.

The players and coaches, however, are taking the circumstances in stride. During his time away from the team, Wolfe grew a quarantine beard. “March 13th actually I said, I’m not going to shave until the quarantine’s over. Now, you know what, just keep it for 2020,” said Wolfe.

With rules and protocols seemingly changing everyday, players and coaches alike are wondering what the rules are going to be when and if the season starts. “I’d like to know what the plan is for when a kid comes down with it. If it’s going to be where we shut things down for two weeks, then I don’t see a future,” said Wolfe.

Wolfe is hoping for a season, not only for the obvious reasons of competition, and of course the financial impact for the schools, but also for the kids themselves. “They identify themselves as being an athlete, and it’s their outlet and it is mentally tough on them,” said Wolfe.

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