Jecorey Arthur, Cassie Chambers Armstrong detail plans for first terms on Louisville Metro Council

Jecorey Arthur, Cassie Chambers Armstrong detail plans for first terms on Louisville Metro Council

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Louisville Metro Council is preparing to welcome two new faces.

On Tuesday, Democrats Jecorey Arthur and Cassie Chambers Armstrong secured wins in the Democratic primary election. Neither candidate will face Republican opposition in November, thus running unopposed and already securing the council seats in Districts 4 and 8 respectively.

“We’re going to make a Louisville for everybody,” Arthur said during a Wednesday news conference. “Louisville for all, not just a select few.”

Arthur, 28, will become the youngest Metro Councilperson and will serve District 4, a large district composed of 16 neighborhoods including parts of Nulu, Butchertown, Portland, Russell, and California. Arthur told WAVE 3 News his district has been a breeding ground for inequality.

“District 4 is the poorest, most un-housed, most dangerous, most starved, most segregated district in the city of Louisville,” Arthur said. “So if we fix that district, we can fix the city and I’m ready to fix it.”

Arthur said fixing the neighborhood starts with communication among residents. He’s calling for more government transparency through social media and district-wide summits every year.

“Local politicians impact local issues and local people,” Arthur said. “So it’s so important that we have a political understanding of what Metro Council is.”

A few miles east, Cassie Chambers Armstrong also has her sights set on change.

She will serve District 8, which is made up of the Highlands and other surrounding areas. this district is dominated by Bardstown Road and its collection of small businesses. Chambers Armstrong told WAVE 3 News Bardstown Road has to thrive in order for the district to be successful.

“Walkability is one of the keys for a district to be able to thrive and for a corridor to be able to thrive,” Chambers Armstrong said. “And so I’m really focused on how we create a clean, green, walk-able Bardstown Road.”

Chambers Armstrong also said she wants to help the city become more inclusive. She said the Highlands can play a pivotal role in social change.

“And there’s so much energy here,” Chambers Armstrong said. “And I feel like one of the things I want to do as a councilperson is really figure out how to harness that energy and direct it into all the big challenges we face in the community right now.”

Social and racial justice has been at the forefront of Arthur’s political campaign. He’s taken part in several protests in downtown Louisville and said he won’t stop advocating for change when he gets into office.

“So we’ve got a lot of work to do,” Arthur said. “I’m ready to do that work.”

Arthur and Chambers Armstrong begin their terms in office in January of 2021.

For an interactive view of Louisville Metro’s district map, click here.

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