Fourth Street business still recovering after late-May riots caused $100,000 in damage

Fourth Street business still recovering after late-May riots caused $100,000 in damage

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Fourth Street business is still boarded up, 33 days after looters trashed the store and stole about $100,000 worth of merchandise.

The owner of JJ Wig Shop, Chung Bright, told WAVE 3 News that she and her husband have been fighting to keep their business alive.

“It’s devastating,” Bright said. “It’s devastating, because we work hard. We work hard to make this store the best we can afford, the best that we can make it, and someone can come in and destroy it in a matter of hours.”

The looters ruined 45 years worth of work. Bright’s parents opened the wig shop in the mid-1970s. After the damage, Bright’s afraid 2020 may be her last year in business.

“Glass everywhere, I mean, shards of glass,” Bright said. “My merchandise was all over the floor.”

Since the riots, Bright and her husband have put the store back together themselves. They’ve re-positioned the mannequins and cleaned up the broken glass, but they are still feeling the pain.

“My doors stay locked,” Bright said. “I have people call before they come in. There are days where we really don’t do any business at all.”

Bright said the worst part was watching people destroy her store on Facebook Live and on her store’s surveillance cameras. She said she called police and they never showed up to help.

“No one, no one came and stopped it,” Bright said. She and other business owners may have a lifeline.

According to Kentucky Revised Statute 411.100:

“If, within any city, any church, convent, chapel, dwelling house, house used or designed for the transaction of lawful business, vessel or shipyard, railroad or property of any kind belonging to any street or other railroad company, or any article of personal property is damaged, or if any property is taken away or damaged by any riotous or tumultuous assemblage of people, the full amount of the damage done may be recovered by the person injured by action against the city, if the city authorities themselves, or with the aid of their own citizens, could have prevented the damage. However, no such liability shall be incurred by the city unless the city authorities had notice or good reason to believe that a riot or tumultuous assemblage was about to take place in time to prevent the destruction, either by their own force or by the aid of the citizens of the city. No person may maintain an action under this section if he has unlawfully contributed by word or deed toward exciting or inflaming the tumult or riot, or if he failed to do what he reasonably could toward preventing, allaying or suppressing it.”

Bright told WAVE 3 News she has yet to receive any financial assistance from the city.

“I deserve an explanation why we had no one the night we were looted,” Bright said. “I feel like the community that we served pretty much abandoned us.”

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