LMPD, protesters offer conflicting accounts of SWAT truck incident

Protesters, LMPD offer conflicting accounts of SWAT truck incident downtown

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Police and protesters have conflicting accounts of what happened Tuesday night when police clashed with protesters and 20 people were arrested.

A Louisville Metro Police Department spokesman said a protester crashed into a SWAT truck but many protesters said that what happened was the opposite way around.

Mackenzie Kraps said she saw it happen and was arrested while recording the aftermath.

Freshly bailed out, Kraps tried to wrap her head around what she captured live Tuesday night.

Kraps and her roommate were a part of the caravan heading to Prospect before police broke things up by blocking exits and forcing vehicles back toward downtown.

LMPD said the caravan, which included approximately 200 cars, was unsafe and caused damage to police cruisers.

“We headed back downtown and that is when we realized how escalated things had gotten where like live rounds we saw like real guns SWAT military gear and like, in addition to just like the regular riot cop gear,” she said.

Kraps said they were trying to go home but no matter where they turned police had roads blocked off.

LMPD says a protester crashed into a SWAT truck, but Kraps said it was just a fender bender between the two cars. She said a Jeep tried to get around the accident and that is when the SWAT truck plowed into him.

“The bear cat sped up. And t-boned him, super-fast, slammed his truck into the brick wall of the building next to him and then hit his car so hard, it almost flipped over,” she said.

Kraps said she felt like she needed to help because she was a witness. She asked the driver of the Jeep, who was now being arrested, for his name.

“I wanted to be able to call the bail fund and like let his family know that he was going to be in jail and that we needed to get bail for him. But at that point. The cops turned around, they knew that we had been there but they then noticed and realize that we were recording,” she said.

Kraps said she was trying to leave like the officers told her when an officer, “open my car door and said, ‘Do I want to play games?’ and began hitting me with his wooden baton. While I was sitting in my car see. So it was really upsetting. It was really scary.”

Kraps said she was trying to block the baton swings by putting her legs up, trying to protect an arm she’s already had surgery on, when the officer said she would be charged with assault for kicking him. She now faces 2 felony charges and several misdemeanors, but isn’t worried about herself.

“But I’m worried about the consequences they’re going to try and give him a worried about the charges,” Kraps said.

WAVE 3 News reached out to LMPD but as of Wednesday evening had not heard a response.

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