Indiana woman collects donations, purchases fans for apartment with air conditioning issues

Indiana woman collects donations, purchases fans for apartment with air conditioning issues

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) - The residents of a Jeffersonville apartment complex are struggling as the summer heat intensifies.

Michelle Herron has lived at Claysburg Towers for 16 years. Recently, she said the building has amassed a multitude of maintenance issues.

“This is the worst I’ve ever seen it, we don’t have any pest control anymore, the roaches are rampant,” she said.

The HUD-subsidized apartment is home to more than 200 residents who are seniors or low income. Speaking to WAVE 3 News, more than a dozen residents detailed their struggles with insect infestations, leaking ceilings, overflowing dumpsters, broken toilets, and elevators.

Herron said she and other residents also have issues with air conditioning and often wait weeks for maintenance. While her A/C was eventually fixed, Herron said many of her neighbors still need help.

Last Friday, she made a Facebook post asking for 250 fans to be donated. That same day, Herron’s Facebook friend Kristal Maggard responded to the request.

“That was the most amazing day in the whole world, I felt really loved that day,” Herron said.

Over the weekend, Maggard collected donations and 65 fans were purchased for Claysburg residents.

“I feel like they are not getting their needs met or being treated fairly in the way that they should be treated,” Maggard said. “They [management] don’t care and somebody needs to care.”

Maggard wants to purchase fans for every resident who lives at Claysburg and hopes the Jeffersonville community will help.

“What if this was your mom, your dad, your child or what if it’s even you,” she said. “If no body stands up, if nobody helps them, they just stay in the same boat that they’re in.”

Maggard said people can either donate fans directly to Claysburg Towers or make a monetary donation that will be used to purchase more fans. Maggard detailed a number of ways to donate on her Facebook page.

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