LouCity players kneel during anthem supporting Black Lives Matter at first game in new stadium

Protesters show up just before kickoff at Lynn Family Stadium

Protesters crash first Loucity game, Players kneel during anthem supporting Black Lives Matter

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Lynn Family Stadium finally had fans in the stands as LouCity took on the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

Fans were dressed from head to toe in LouCity gear happy to be in the stadium for the first time ever.

“I am ecstatic that this is happening, and I wouldn’t have missed it for all the Covid-19 in the world,” Oliver Barber, a fan said.”

Fans were impressed by the number of precautions that were being taken to keep everyone safe.

There were 40 hand sanitizer stations dispersed throughout the stadium, everyone was asked to wear face coverings, maintain a 6 feet distance, and use cards instead of cash when making purchases.

Only 2,502 of the 9,288 chair seats were available for fans to use but Kyle Snyder, another LouCity fan said he was ready to yell three times louder.

“I know it’s only a third of it at this point,” Snyder explained. “But I’m really hoping that we get the crowd loud and we kind of show everyone that it’s time to get some sports going.”

Moments before kick-off protesters arrived at the stadium gates yelling Breonna Taylor’s name along with many other chants.

But at the end of the game fans saw how those protesters weren’t the only ones with a special message.

Every player, from both teams, wore a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and players took a knee during the national anthem.

It was a moment of reflection that led to fans following their lead. Many in the crowd held up Black Lives Matter scarves and sang the state song, My Old Kentucky Home.

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