Experts say superspreading events are fueling coronavirus pandemic

Experts say superspreading events are fueling coronavirus pandemic

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - There is a lot we know about the coronavirus and there are things that we are learning every day.

We know how it spreads. One of main culprits has been superspreader incidents.

“People are packed in together indoors, that promotes what we call a superspreader event,” Dr. Jon Klein from the University of Louisville said.

Superspreader events happen when a single person infects a large number of other people. It can happen at things like birthday parties, conferences, and choir practice.

”One of the most notable superspreader events was a group of people in choir practice who spent several hours together obviously in close proximity,” D. Klein said. The virus travels through respiratory droplets from an infected person, who may not be aware that they have it. If that infected person goes to an event that is crowded, poorly ventilated, without any sort of personal protective equipment like a mask, scientists say the virus can spread exponentially.

”With some outdoor events people are trying to really have a true abundance of caution,” Dr. Klein said.

We have two big upcoming events in the Louisville area, The Kentucky State Fair which is followed by the Kentucky Derby.

”You have to acknowledge that it’s an experiment,' Dr. Klein said. “We don’t know what the result of the experiments are until two or three weeks after the event has occurred.”

Dr. Klien says with more COVID-19 infections coming from the 18-45 year old age range, they have a tendency to be less symptomatic or have no symptoms they are more likely to spread the virus without realizing it.

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