The Lord’s Kitchen non-profit group seeking donations after fire damages property

The Lord’s Kitchen non-profit group seeking donations after fire damages property

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A local food bank that feeds the homeless now needs help from the community. They’re asking for donations so they can continue their mission: paying it forward.

Back on July 3, a fire broke out at a property next door to The Lord’s Kitchen. That fire spread over to the Lord’s Kitchen’s property and caused damage to the building inside, burning equipment and supplies.

The soup kitchen has boarded up windows masking the damage inside.

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“Just because they burned the building, doesn’t mean we’ll stop feeding,” said James Smith, who hands out food at The Lord’s Kitchen.

You’ll find James Smith standing at his post; a truck parked outside the building. That’s where he hands out food to homeless people who want a meal out of The Lord’s Kitchen.

“I believe in sharing the blessing, I don’t want to hold it to myself,” Smith said. “If I get a blessing, I’m going to share it with somebody else. That’s how this whole organization operates, we function off everybody else.”

Smith knows the hardships on the other end of the counter. He says he spent days wondering where his next meal would come from. When he hands out sack meals, he says it comes with more than just a pop or a water.

“You’d be surprised, what one of these would make somebody feel; respect, show you love,” Smith said.

The Lord’s Kitchen is open seven days a week, 365 days a year. The non-profit hands out meals everyday for an hour.

Smith said donations are important and vital to keep homeless people fed. He said that when the homeless population gets fed, it keeps them from searching and scrounging for food.

“Believe it or not we can’t get enough,” Smith said. “We’re getting what we’re getting, giving what we’re giving and receiving whatever we can receive.”

The Lord’s Kitchen now has a GoFundMe page where donations are being accepted. To make a donation, click or tap here.

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