Protesters say they’ll starve until officers lose pension and jobs

Updated: Jul. 20, 2020 at 8:01 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Monday marks day 54 of protests in Louisville, following the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. One group is taking that protest further with a hunger strike.

They began their strike on a Facebook Live today at noon.

The people who have been out protesting decided they needed to do more. The participants say they want to re-energize the protests but amplify that they’re hungry for justice.

For the past several weeks, around Louisville we’ve all heard these protesters’ voices. As of Monday, they want us to hear their hunger. There’s only one thing that they say will satisfy them.

“We just want justice; however that is going to look and whatever the outcome,” Amira Bryant said. Bryant is one of the four people who have volunteered to go on the hunger strike.

The live stream marked the beginning of the group’s efforts.

The results they’re seeking is for officers Jon Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove to be fired and stripped of their pension. This also includes Brett Hankison, who was already terminated from LMPD back in June.

There’s no limit on how far the protesters say they’ll go for new ways to show their demands for justice. They say this is a new feat because none of them have done a hunger strike before.

“We could probably keep it up for the first few days,” Bryant said. “I would say on average the first five days we might be okay. At some point we will be slowing down, and will just be a body for the cause.”

During this strike, the group will only be able to drink water and supplements. There will be a medic on hand to check their vitals everyday.

The protesters say they’ll be housed in a private spot, where they will be doing live streams. They hope the hunger strike reignites more support for Breonna Taylor.

“We need it all, we need them out there walking, caravan, administration putting in the behind the scenes work - we need it all,” Bryant said.

LMPD and the Federal Bureau of Investigations both told WAVE 3 News they don’t have a comment on the hunger strike.

The Attorney General Daniel Cameron said in a short statement: “He’s committed to a thorough and fair investigation of the death of Ms. Taylor.”

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