Self-described armed militia group announces ‘descent’ on Louisville amid Breonna Taylor investigation

The Not F***cking Around Coalition (NFAC) expects more than 5,000 members to come to Louisville on Saturday.
Published: Jul. 22, 2020 at 1:51 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Members of the Not F***cking Around Coalition (NFAC) have announced their plans to “descend” on Louisville Saturday to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

John Fitzgerald Johnson, also known as The Real Grandmaster Jay, leads the self-described militia group. In a video posted to social media, Johnson tells NFAC members to arrive in all black armed with shotguns, semiautomatic weapons or rifles.

“This ain’t no spectator sport, you can come out if you want to. If you want to watch history, that’s cool. But understand the seriousness of the situation,” he said.

Breonna Taylor was shot and killed on May 13, 2020 during a no-knock raid at her home by...
Breonna Taylor was shot and killed on May 13, 2020 during a no-knock raid at her home by Louisville Metro police officers.(Source: Family of Breonna Taylor)

Johnson’s group staged a similar event on July 4 at Stone Mountain near Atlanta. According to multiple reports, more than a hundred NFAC members came together to protest a Confederate monument.

“And to all of y’all that think it’s a game, not at all. We just need somebody in custody for the murder of Ms. Breonna, that’s all,” Johnson said.

In another video posted to social media, Johnson explained the NFAC event will not be violent.

“I’m not going to beat these people down when all y’all want is some justice,” he said. “And for all y’all you think we gone [sic] go in there and burn the city down, like somebody told me, and go door to door and snatch people out and kill them. Y’all don’t know what you’re on. We are a militia, not a mob.”

Saturday’s expected meeting in Louisville has raised concerns for local organizers and Mayor Greg Fischer. Fischer addressed the NFAC event Monday during the city’s daily COVID-19 update.

“LMPD is in touch with the protest group to understand what their goals are so we can make sure that we arrange a peaceful protest,” he said.

LMPD released the following statement regarding Saturday’s events:

“We are aware of this post. As with all protests we learn about, we attempt to reach out to organizers to understand what their plans are. We have had several protests posted over the past several weeks, some of which have occurred and some which have not. We will take the appropriate steps to prepare for whatever may occur.”

Opposition to the NFAC’s planned “formation” has already formed. On Facebook, at least one member of the Three Percenters militia called for counteraction against the NFAC.

Metro Council President David James tells WAVE 3 he is aware of actions planned by both groups.

“I don’t really care which group it is, it always concerns me when a large group of people that don’t live here show up with weapons to protest,” he said.

James said he spoke to NFAC leaders on a call last week with Louisville Chief of Community Building Vincent James. During that call, the NFAC said they expect more than 5,000 members to come to Louisville. In a call Monday organized by James, NFAC leaders discussed the investigation into Breonna Taylor’s death with Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

“I thought it very important that they understand the facts of the case as we know it and what has transpired since the tragic incident of Breonna Taylor being killed,” he said.

During the Monday call, NFAC leaders expressed a desire to stage their event at Central High School. That plan was abandoned as guns are not allowed on school property; a new location has not yet been announced.

Exactly four months have passed since the night Breonna Taylor died in her apartment after being shot by an LMPD officer trying to serve a warrant at her home.

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