JCPS parents looking to move kids to private schools to avoid NTI 2.0

JCPS parents looking to move kids to private schools to avoid NTI 2.0

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - After JCPS announced the district will start the year off with remote learning, some parents are looking at other options like private schooling.

While many families tell WAVE 3 News they are relieved to start with Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI), there are also families who said they are not on board with starting online. Brittney Tassin knew it was unlikely students would start the school year in the classroom, but she was still holding out hope.

“Really all summer, it’s been in the back of our minds like, ‘What are our options if they don’t go back?‘” Tassin told WAVE 3 News. “Do we want to try to home school, do we want to try private school, do we want to stick it out?”

She said like many families, NTI wasn’t easy in the spring for her daughter or son, who are both in high school. Tassin said both have learning challenges like ADD and ADHD and do better in an in-person classroom setting.

"They both do the best with structure and being in that classroom environment and having the accountability of a teacher right there in front of their faces," Tassin said.

Her son, who would be a sophomore at Iroquois High School, took a vocational welding class last year and loved it. She said he wants to continue with that, in hopes of graduating with a certificate in welding to be able to go straight to work.

"He is very hesitant to give up that welding class because he really likes it," she explained.

With NTI, the hands-on experience is harder to come by. To add to the challenge, Tassin and her husband both lost their jobs in March. They are technicians in the live events and entertainment industry, which has not reopened.

"Some days are better than others," she said.

While they wait to see how their work situations will pan out, their focus is making sure their kids are okay and deciding where their son will attend school in the fall.

“We just want to do our due diligence and explore all the options to make sure we have the best fit for him that is going to help him succeed to the best of his ability,” Tassin said. “I just ask that people have grace and compassion with each other in understanding that the choice in all of this that’s right for one family might not be right for the next family.”

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