Community activist says city is dealing with highest number of homicides in 18 years

2X says homicides at highest rate in 18 years

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Anti-gun violence advocate and community activist Christopher 2X said Saturday marked a record-breaking number for criminal homicides in a single month in almost 18 years.

2X said for decades the average number of homicides in a month were five to eight at the highest, now the city is dealing with double digit numbers.

The month of June faced 70 shootings in Louisville, 2X said just in July alone there have been 20 criminal homicides. He said he talked to Donny Burbrink, LMPD's Homicide Commander, who said this volume of numbers are overwhelming.

Krista and Navada Gwynn lost their son Christian 7 months ago.

“They are apologizing to the Gwynn’s and others that I’m sending to them and telling them they are not making excuses,” 2X explained. “But they are so sorry because of the volume of shootings going on, they can’t even keep up with the investigation.”

“Chris was a great kid, he didn’t meet a stranger,” Navada said. “He was a good friend to everybody.”

It was an unexpected loss and Krista said it can happen to anyone.

“His curfew was at 10:00, he got gunned down at 9:30,” Krista said. “What did my child do leaving Indi’s that caused him to get a bullet or two and lose his life...nothing.”

The Gwynn's want justice for their son, they want answers and they want the gun violence to stop.

“Put the guns down, pick a pen up, let’s educate you,” Krista added. “It’s a different way to get on with life instead of robbing and stealing and killing. I don’t know what the answer could be but I’m all for looking for a solution. According to LMPD stats, the largest majority of homicide victims in the city are between the ages of 18 and 24. The same goes for the ages of the suspects.

We also reached out to LMPD to confirm those homicide numbers, we have not heard back.

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