How getting kids in a routine now can make the school year easier

How getting kids in a routine now can make the school year easier

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The start of the school year is anything but normal, whether it’s in-person learning or online, but there are conversations that can be had with kids to make the transition back to learning easier this year.

Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) will begin on Aug. 25 for Jefferson County Public Schools while other districts and many private schools in the area are returning to in-person learning.

What JCPS leaders want families to know this year is to be flexible with them.

”We have more time to plan for online learning this time around than we did in the spring,” JCPS Chief of Communications Renee Murphy said.

JCPS says there will be adjustments and enhancement to their NTI 2.0 program in the fall. There will be more communication among teachers and students, more interaction with classmates virtually, and more resources for parents to help them with online learning. There will also be more live and recorded instruction for students.

”It’s going to be a more structured day,” Murphy said. “We understand families will have to make adjustments to work schedules and that type of thing.”

Whatever school a child goes to, and if it’s going to be in-person learning or NTI, parents and kids need to start preparing for more structure and changes. Even if summer break isn’t quite over yet, it’s beneficial to get the entire family into a routine before the first day of school.

”Get up at the same time in the morning, go to bed at the same time at night get some ample sleep time,” pediatrician Dr. Gerald Sturgeon from Norton Children’s Dupont said.

For younger kids who are going back to school, they may experience some separation anxiety with not being around mom and dad so much. This is where they can be ensured that their parents will be there when they get home. Children should be reminded of the positives of in-person schooling, like that they’ll be around their friends and teachers again.

The key to all of these changes is communication.

Children should be talked to about going back to school and how it’s going to be different this year. They’ll be wearing masks and may not do things they did in classrooms in the past.

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