Southern Indiana school revisits first week of in-person instruction

Students returned to class on July 22

Southern Indiana school revisits first week of in-person instruction

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WAVE) - Christian Academy of Indiana has been back inside the classroom now for just over a week. Students were able to return to the classroom last Wednesday with forced social distancing and temperature checks.

“You walk in, the first thing you notice, oh there’s people walking around with masks,” said senior Andrew Roy “I’ve never seen people in these hallways wearing masks [before this year].”

In just a week, things have changed a lot. Although strongly encouraged to start, a statewide mandate made it mandatory to wear masks inside buildings on the campus at CAI.

“The kids have done a great job,” said CAI Elementary School Principal Monica Allison. “Kids are very resilient, and they just kind of take things in stride.”

Some older students have found this school year to be an easy transition into pandemic learning and a chance to lead by example.

“I don’t have any complaints or any kind of worries about it at all really,” said senior Ella McCoy.

Andrew Roy said students need to do what they can if they want to return to normal.

“I don’t like wearing masks, but I like being at school more than I dislike wearing masks,” said Roy, “and so if I want to be here as long as I possibly can, and enjoy the time that I have her, I think it’s important to say, hey guys, let’s all do this together.”

A large majority of parents chose to send their kids back to in-person instruction, as opposed to alternative online options. Around 95% of students are now back on campus. Some parents said they trust the school and its safety protocols to keep their kids safe.

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“We can’t let that fear guide us,” said Julie McLaughlin. “We have to go forward, and this is the new norm. This is the way things are.”

Another parent said she’s not going to let this situation create additional stress for her as a parent.

“We’re trying our best to remain healthy, but it’s just simply out of my control,” said Angela Nash, " so I’m going to choose not to worry about it.”

Parents say they’ll continue to be flexible through this school year.

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