St. Matthews residents say their Black Lives Matter signs keep getting stolen

St. Matthews residents say their Black Lives Matter signs keep getting stolen

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Black Lives Matter signs reportedly keep getting taken from people’s lawns in St. Matthews, sometimes repeatedly from the same lawns. Viewers from in and around St. Matthews in neighborhoods off of Frankfort Avenue and Lexington Road reached out to WAVE 3 News about the issue.

The first time Carrie Irwin had her sign stolen, she bought 10 more and passed them out. Now, she has an order in for five more after she and some of her neighbors on McCready Avenue were hit by sign swipers again.

”We’re the seventh house down from a couple of drinking establishments and my theory is that people get a little bit of a buzz, they lose their inhibitions, and they decide that maybe they don’t understand the message, they don’t agree with the message. I don’t know,” Irwin explained.

The issue isn’t not just happening to Irwin.

“I have a friend who lives on Wilmington and Fairlawn and her sign was taken,” she said. “Over on Hillcrest, I’ve heard of signs being taken, just up and down [the streets].”

Irwin says it’s also happening on other neighboring streets like Richard and Eline, and many were taken that same day hers were.

On the other side of Lexington Road on Eline Avenue, John Stevens says the signs going missing has been noticeable, but not to an extreme.

“Ours was just pulled out of the ground and thrown out of our yard,” Stevens said. “I think they like, tried to crinkle it or something. It’s got a crack in it.”

Stevens said he checked with other neighbors who had signs tossed and taken. His neighbor allegedly had to confront someone actively taking her sign from her lawn.

Doug Hallman, though, is relieved his sign has remained untouched on Eline Avenue.

”I have my right, my own opinions, and I wouldn’t want someone to interfere,” Hallman said.

Each of the St. Matthews residents had Hallman’s stance; their signs are their way of using freedom of speech. Irwin says there’s plenty of it going around the neighborhood, and her sign about climate change hasn’t been touched.

”There are signs that are up that might cause people to disagree and they’re not taking those signs,” she said. “They’re specifically taking the Black Lives Matter signs. It’s obviously a direct statement against the support for Black and brown friends in the community.”

St. Matthews police said they haven’t received any reports of signs being stolen.

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