Gun safety advocate reiterates message after multiple shooting incidents in Louisville

Gun safety advocate reiterates message after multiple shooting incidents in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - There are types of situations that advocates ask gun owners to consider all safety measures to keep your loved ones safe and alive.

On Friday, a shooting sent a 5-year-old boy to the hospital. His last known status was he’s in critical condition.

Luther Brown dedicates the better half of his days saving lives. Brown is the founder of ‘Little Hands, Little Feet,’ and he’s made it his mission to make sure families and kids don’t lose their lives by gunfire, like his ‘Baby Dre’ did.

“He was loved by everybody,” Brown said. “He had beautiful characteristics about him, the most cutest dimples, you couldn’t say no to anything he asked for.”

Andre Lamont O'Neal Jr. (Source: Christopher 2X)
Andre Lamont O'Neal Jr. (Source: Christopher 2X)

His grandson, Andre O’Neal Jr., 8, was killed after an accidental shooting in January 2016.

The pain of losing the charming, bright ‘Baby Dre’ still is visible on Brown’s face, but what’s inside is what keeps him going.

“What about the children, who are innocent,” Brown said. “Lock your guns up and keep your children safe.”

Brown hands out informational pamphlets at his ‘Gun Safety Drive-by’ event, where he explains why a specific type of safety locks are the best way to keep our loved ones alive.

“It’s easy to put on and take off, you here the click it comes out,” Brown said, as he demonstrates locking and unlocking the pseudo-gun safely. “You will destroy this gun before you get the gun lock off.”

Brown’s work to heal and help doesn’t end there, he’s put in time to get legislation passed that holds people accountable during accidental shootings.

He’s also planned on holding a Zoom conference for people who have lost their own ‘Baby Dre’ to shootings.

Brown said these things have to happen and its crucial now; since the pandemic has more people cooped up inside.

“The children are at home, they’re curious,” Brown said. “It only takes a second for them to turn, grab, and all of a sudden you didn’t think and you set it down.”

Crime has not only gone up in Louisville, but we see many ambulances rushing into the hospitals, some victims with little hands and little feet.

“I know how that feels to get a call and a little one has been shot, I know what that feels like.” Brown said.

For more information on the Little Hands, Little Feet gun safety program, visit their Facebook page.

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