Grandmother of Kentucky students wants school to remove ‘Black Lives Matter’ from digital sign

Grandmother of JCPS students wants school to remove 'Black Lives Matter' from digital sign

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The grandmother of two Hazelwood Elementary students are asking for the school to remove the “Black Lives Matter” font from the school’s digital marquee sign.

Vickie Cox aid she’s a former student of Hazelwood Elementary and she was almost in tears when she passed by the school the other day.

“I’m thinking how can our teachers and the people on the board of education do that,” Cox said. “Black Lives Matter to Hazelwood Hawks” is posted on the digital sign that stands on the front lawn of the school in big yellow letters.

“All lives matter,” Cox added. “Why can’t we just put all lives matter and be one.” She said the three words are teaching students discrimination and racism, and she doesn’t think it’s fair to students who aren’t black.

In a statement sent to Wave 3 on Friday from JCPS, Renee Murphy with Communications and Community Relations said “In Jefferson County Public Schools we believe in providing an inclusive environment for all students. Our district is one of only a few in the country that has a Racial Equity Policy and plan. It is our mission to reduce achievement and opportunity gaps by creating a system that celebrates diversity.”

Cox said the movement is something kids shouldn't have to worry about and she's hoping the school agrees.

“I hope they start letting every one of them kids know that everyone of them matter,” Cox expressed. “Not to be prejudice, not to see color.”

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