LMDPHW: LMPD enforces mask requirement

LMDPHW: LMPD enforces mask requirement
. (Source: CDC)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Metro Health Board met today to discuss COVID-19 updates.

There were multiple topics on the table for discussion. One being the enforcement of the mask wearing in the metro. Dr Sarah Moyer says the mask mandate is enforced in two different ways.

Public Health and Welness enforces the business masking regulations. They recieve a warning and and training sessions after first complaints about the business. They can be cited after the first.

LMPD would be the group to enforce mask wearing on individuals. She says LMPD is currently very busy and isn’t actively going for violators.

“Its like seatbelt wearing, I mean unless LMPD is there for something else they’re not going to give someone a ticket for not wearing a mask in public.” Dr Moyer Said

Dr Sarah Moyer says we could have prevented a lot of problems if we had the mask mandate sooner.

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