LMPD data shows almost 1 carjacking per day since June

LMPD data shows almost 1 carjacking per day since June
Carjackings are happening in several areas of the city and police are warning drivers to be aware. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Since the start of the year, crime in Louisville has skyrocketed.

According to data from the Louisville Metro Police Department, there have been 322 reported shootings in 2020.

But shootings are not the only crime on the rise.

According to LMPD data, in the 65 days from June 1, 2020, to Aug. 4, 2020, there have been 58 reported carjackings. During the same time period in 2019, LMPD data shows just 14 carjackings.

On July 15, a Louisville man told WAVE 3 News his 68-year-old father was carjacked at gunpoint outside Simmons College on Dumesnil Street in West Louisville.

“What they did is they put a gun to his head and said, ‘give me the keys,’” Jason Buckner said. “What ends up going through your mind is the realization that that could’ve been it. That could’ve been it.”

Sara Turney said something similar happened to her on June 27. She told WAVE 3 News teens stole her work vehicle at gunpoint, along with the $1,500 worth of material in it.

“It is very disheartening, but it only makes me want to work harder for this community,” Turney said.

Around the same time, Carol Clark said her son was held at gunpoint while driving to an auto body shop on Hale Avenue.

“We’re fighting an uphill battle,” Clark said. “We have no help. We have no resources.”

The most recent incident happened Tuesday night, when a victim told WAVE 3 News someone ran up Bannon Crossings Drive in Buechel, came up to the window and demanded the car.

LMPD Seventh Division Maj. Emily McKinley said she’s seen six carjackings just in her division since June.

“We don’t want to see anybody get hurt,” McKinley said.

McKinley said a majority of cases show the suspects are teenagers, taking advantage of older drivers. She said drivers always need to be aware of their surroundings, and be smart if they are caught off guard.

”If someone has a gun pointed at you, or they are threatening bodily harm and it catches you off guard, obviously our recommendation would be to comply at that point,” McKinley said. “It’s not worth losing your life or the life of anybody else. Just comply and we will sort it out later. "

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