LMPD says it will begin enforcing foot marches and caravans in Louisville

LMPD says it will begin enforcing foot marches and caravans in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville Metro Police has announced that enforcement changes will be enacted starting Sunday night for protest marches and caravans in the streets of Louisville.

According to a release sent out by LMPD spokesperson Jessie Halladay, an increase of unsafe behavior in the city’s streets over the past week has caused these changes in enforcement to be put into place.

“LMPD continues to balance the First Amendment right to protest with the public safety needs of the entire community. For nearly 75 days, Louisville residents have taken to the streets to express their desire for accountability and change.” the statement reads.

Police said that the caravans continue to pose serious safety risks for protesters and the public. They said a number of actions seen in the caravans include driving into oncoming traffic, driving on sidewalks, driving at high rates of speed, passengers hanging out or riding on top of vehicles, and impeding emergency vehicles and interstate traffic among others.

Regular protester Anthanay Carrigan said she doesn’t agree with the laws at all.

“If the police can walk in a group like that and tell us to move,” Carrigan said. “We gonna start walking until they move us in, why can’t we peacefully protest, that’s what we do.”

Due to the safety concerns and the increase in behavior over the past week, including incidents reported at 4th Street Live! Saturday night, LMPD said that caravans cannot continue as they have been.

Starting Sunday night, LMPD will start enforcing laws relating to any caravans. Pedestrians must stay out of the streets, staying on the sidewalk and following all laws for pedestrian traffic. Cars and pedestrians will also not be allowed to block roadways for any length of time.

Sunday night six citations were issued and two people were arrested in protest that started in the early evening before devolving into multiple groups going through the city.

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