Some JCPS parents relieved children likely won’t have to share Chromebooks for NTI 2.0

Some JCPS parents relieved children likely won’t have to share Chromebooks for NTI 2.0

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - On Monday, JCPS parents started submitting requests for one of the district’s 30,000 new Chromebooks and 10,000 hotspots ahead of NTI 2.0.

JCPS officials said they are hopeful there will be enough devices for every student who needs one this year, including those who had to share with their siblings last spring.

This news is music to the ears of single mother of two Alesia Mills. Her sons, who are ECE learners in elementary and middle school, had to share the same JCPS-issued Chromebook in the spring.

“I noticed sometimes my older son doesn’t get all of his work done because they still have to share, so it becomes a hassle,” Mills said.

As a single mother who is supporting her children on her own, buying another Chromebook isn’t an option for Mills. However, this year, she said she likely won’t have to worry about how her sons will complete their coursework on one Chromebook.

JCPS plans to distribute 30,000 Chromebooks to students who need one, in addition to the 20,000 it already gave out last spring. Renee Murphy, Chief Communications Officer for JCPS, told WAVE 3 News there likely will be enough Chromebooks for students who previously had to share with their siblings.

“Because we will have more structure with NTI 2.0 with that live and recorded instruction, we know that families will probably need more than one device to support learning in the fall,” Murphy said. “Previously, we had one device per household, but this time around we’re working to make sure to connect every kid who needs access to a device, to one of our devices.”

Mills already submitted a request for an additional Chromebook, and looks forward to helping her sons with their NTI 2.0 coursework.

“I can be at the table, they can both have their Chromebooks out, and I can sit in between both of them and work on their schoolwork, whereas, I don’t have to focus on one at a time, and (say), ‘OK, it’s your turn,’” Mills said.

Parents can request a Chromebook and/or hotspot by clicking here and filling out the request form, or by calling their child’s school.

JCPS officials ask parents to be patient when calling the district's call center because they are taking a large number of calls.

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