UofL’s Satterfield says ACC moving forward with plans to play football in fall

UofL’s Satterfield says ACC moving forward with plans to play football in fall

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - “The latest I’ve heard this morning is that the ACC is moving forward, no matter what any other conference does, Big 10, Pac 12, we’re moving forward,” UofL head football coach Scott Satterfield said on Monday morning. “It’s because of the advice that we’re getting from our medical advisory board. They’re saying that we’re okay to keep pushing forward, our presidents are okay to keep pushing forward, and that’s what we’re gonna do until we hear otherwise.”

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With reports swirling that the postponement of the 2020 college football is imminent, the Cards head coach is fighting back.

“How do you put a plan together for months, we all were in our house for three months, plenty of time to put a plan together,” the Cards coach added. “When you put a plan together then you work your plan. That’s what we do in football, that’s what we do as leaders. Well you have lack of leaders, you say, you plan it out and then you say, well we can’t do that, we’ve just got to shut the whole thing down, well that’s a lack of leadership.”

The Cards completed their fifth practice of fall camp on Monday and with his players all over social media using the hashtag #WeWantToPlay, Satterfield says the student-athletes are safer being on campus, in the controlled environment football provides.

“They have purpose in their lives right now,” he said. “They’re coming over here, they’re practicing, they’re meeting, they’re lifting, they’re running, they’re doing all those things. They don’t want to jeopardize that so when they leave here they’re doing the right things,” he said. “If they end up opting out of this fall, then what are our guys gonna go do? What’s gonna be their purpose at that point? These guys have been playing football most of their lives. We have all these protocols, we’re testing, we’re doing everything to prevent any spread of this virus, but if they don’t have purpose, they’re 18-22 year-olds. Do we think they’re just gonna sit in their room 24 hours a day? It’s not gonna happen, that’s the reality of it.”

Satterfield said the mental anguish is the most challenging thing for players and coaches. He says they know the risks.

“We had players crying in our meetings this morning,” he said, “because they want to play.”

For now the Cards season opener is still set for Saturday, September 12, hosting Western Kentucky.

Old Dominion, a school in Conference USA, the same league as the Hilltoppers, announced today that they are cancelling all fall sports.

Satterfield added that he has not thought about the ramifications of moving the college football season to the spring.

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