Glory of Rome departs, says goodbye to Southern Indiana

On Tuesday morning the Glory of Rome hit its last milestone.
Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 6:52 PM EDT
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ELIZABETH, Ind. (WAVE) - It’s been nearly two decades since the floating casino Glory of Rome last sailed on the Ohio River. On Tuesday morning the Glory of Rome hit its last milestone.

Memories of money lost and won were still within the riverboat casino when it set sail to a new dock Tuesday morning.

Caesar’s Southern Indiana spokeswoman Renee Nadeau said the boat was sold to a buyer who has plans to renovate it. She said its unclear what the boat will be renovated into.

Since 1998, the riverboat casino was a place where around 5,000 people a day hopped on board to play table games, slot machines, and have its signature Glory of Rome drinks within its classy ambiance.

The boat used to cruise on the Ohio River, but has stayed dockside since around 2001.

After completing renovations on an 110,000 square foot land-based casino back that opened back in December 2019, Caesar’s announced that the Glory of Rome was to be sold.

Judy Liebert worked on the boat for 10 years. She started in 1998 as a slot representative to a cocktail waitress.

Liebert waited tables for years, and on Tuesday she waited over an hour and a half to see the Glory of Rome come around the river bend. She says, this boat truly harbored a lot of good times.

“A lot of memories on that boat, I hate to see it go,” Liebert said. “It’ll probably bring a tear to my eye. It was an amazing job.”

The boat is on its way to Alabama for renovations but its final destination isn’t set in stone.

Passing the boat was veteran aid group Hero Reward. They allowed WAVE 3 News cameras on their boat to join them in the hunt for the Glory of Rome. On the pontoon was Scott Phipps, who also used to work on the Glory of Rome.

Phipps sends his salutations as they went by the his former workplace.

“It’s been here for a long time a lot of money lot of families won and lost on that boat there,” Phipps said. “It’s been sitting there so long they really haven’t done much to it, its an eyesore now. Adios!”

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