FBI following more leads in Crystal Rogers investigation one week after taking over case

Updated: Aug. 13, 2020 at 12:53 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - FBI agents are continuing their investigation into the Crystal Rogers case by interviewing neighbors of Nick Houck, a former Bardstown police officer and the brother of Rogers’ former boyfriend, Brooks Houck.

Brooks Houck was the last known person to see her alive before she disappeared five years ago. He has never been arrested or charged in the case.

Last week, the FBI announced they were taking over the Crystal Rogers investigation and sent 150 state and federal agents to Bardstown. Former FBI agent David Beyer, who was a supervisory special agent for 26 years but is not working the Rogers case, says the amount of agents in Bardstown speaks volumes.

“I think it demonstrates the FBI’s resolve to try to find who is responsible for these crimes,” Beyer said. “I believe the FBI has had this case on its radar for some time, not only because of the potential for kidnapping but also the other things that were transpiring in Bardstown. I think has caused the FBI to be very interested in this and the other activities down there.”

The FBI served nine search warrants. Three were served at Brooks Houck’s home, Nick Houck’s home and the Houck family farm. Beyer said it’s likely there were multiple warrants per location for things like cars, sheds, or barns.

“Bringing in the resources that they did five years after the event I think is a positive sign that they believe having the greater resources will uncover some evidence that would help in the resolution in the case,” Beyer said.

Beyer believes the resources available to the FBI, including personnel at offices across the country, will be beneficial in this case.

“This matter has language or gone on for five years and I know the families would love to see some closure on this and I know the law enforcement agencies that have been working on it for five years would love to see some closure,” Beyer said. “I think with the resources that are being dedicated, there is a greater likelihood you will see a resolution and perhaps some charges.”

Just a few weeks before the FBI took over the Crystal Rogers investigation, human remains were found near the Nelson-Washington county line. It’s still unclear who the remains belong to.

”I’m not involved in the case directly but I believe that what you saw happen would have happened despite the fact that remains were found,” Beyer said.

Beyer said with the FBI involved, it opens the door for people to be charged with a federal crime.

“Federal crimes are very serious crimes that oftentimes have very severe penalties that attach to them,” Beyer said. “In the federal system, unlike the state system, you’re going to serve at least 80% of your time if you are convicted of a federal crime.”

The FBI launched a website to allow people to send in tips, which can be submitted anonymously, about the Crystal Rogers Case.

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