Floodwaters cause problems for drivers Friday in Louisville

Flood waters cause problems for drivers Friday in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville drivers dealt with heavy rain across the city Friday morning.

In Southwest Louisville, a number of streets were covered by floodwaters.

For example, if you were trying to drive through Grafton Hall Road early Friday, you’d probably need an amphibious vehicle or at least a boat. One car got washed away by high water as the driver tried to move through it.

Neighbors on that road said it’s not the first time this kind of flooding has happened, nor is it the first time a car’s been stuck.

“They’ll see two cars floating, and then they still will try to drive through,” said Cathy Harris, who’s lived in the area for 31 years. “I’m surprised there’s only one car this time. Usually, there’s four or five.”

Multiple people in the Valley Station neighborhood said there’s constantly a backup because of brush that gathers in the storm drains.

“It’s been bad,” said Dale Clark, who takes care of many of his neighbors’ lawns when they’re not underwater. “It’s like water just flows over the top of the storm drain like the water’s not even going down.”

Across Southwest Louisville, several streets were having the same issues.

Some of the people living in the area were out making sure their neighbors were safe, one group even picking up a woman who was trapped in her car, while they drove through the water in their side-by-side vehicle.

Since Friday morning, most of the flooded areas returned to normal, and water levels have receded.

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