Valley Station neighbors say they ‘dodged a bullet’ after close call with flash flooding

Valley Station neighbors say they ‘dodged a bullet’ after close call with flash flooding

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - When Mark Frum heard the rain Friday, he walked outside to see something he had never seen since he moved into the neighborhood in 2016.

”I walked out to my car and I saw our trash just floating out here,” Frum said. “So I walked out here, and I looked all the way down there and saw it was a car already flooded about halfway.”

His street, Conder Avenue, looked more like a lake than a roadway thanks to heavy downpours and flash flooding early Friday morning.

”Well that was the first time since we’ve been here we’ve ever seen it that extreme,” Frum said. “So it was kind of shocking to see it rise up so quickly.”

Frum’s wife came outside and took several pictures of the street, while Frum put on his boots and helped clean up the neighborhood.

“Trash was all over the place,” he said. “So I actually went down through here, and started cleaning up some of the trash, pulling the cans from the streets.”

The rain made other neighbors like Gordon Jett nervous too. Jett purchased a home on Conder six weeks ago with the intent to rent it out. He told WAVE 3 News he was scheduled to give the keys to the tenants around noon. When construction crews told him how hard it was raining, he was worried that the plan would be a washout.

“Very concerned,” Jett said. “It’s on a slab, and I could tell it could’ve done a lot of damage. And it got close.”

The water rose to within eight feet of his home. During that time, the neighborhood was roped off, so Jett couldn’t get there. When he finally arrived around 11 a.m., he was relieved to find out the home had no damage.

“[It was a] major relief, yes,” Jett said. “Absolutely. So, you always visualize the worst, and it could’ve been bad. Fortunately, we got close, but it didn’t hurt us.”

Frum felt the same way.

Though there was still some trash on the street and puddles on the road, Frum said Friday morning’s rain was ultimately nothing more than a close call.

“I would say it’s a dodged bullet saved right there,” Frum said.

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