Breonna’s Law Announced at Jefferson Square Park

Breonna’s Law Announced at Jefferson Square Park
Breonna's law has now been filed in her honor.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Protesters, Legislators, Community Activist convened in downtown Louisville on Sunday morning. Kentucky Legislators announceda bill that would end no-knock warrants statewide and increase police accountability – they’re calling it, ‘Breonna’s Law.’

Sunday marked 81 days of protests in the name of Breonna Taylor. Protesters are still saying her name and even singing it through song, B. Sims wrote a song about Taylor shortly after she died.

Breonna was killed five months ago on March 13. Representative Attica Scott (D-41) filed the Breonna’s Law bill on the anniversary of her death. She says the next part of justice is on its way.

“People closest to the pain, should be the closest to the solutions,” Rep. Scott said. “That’s why its important that Breonna’s Law for Kentucky is born from legislators in Jefferson County.”

The bill focuses on 3 things: It sets provisions to ban no-knock warrants. It demands any type of search warrant needs a judge’s specific approval to enter a home, if there will be any type of forced entry.

Secondly, officers need to have their body cameras on and working during a search warrant. If officers don’t follow that policy, the subject could be suspended or fired.

Lastly, officers need to take a drug and alcohol test after they fire their gun or are involved in a deadly incident while on duty.

Breonna Taylor’s family Lawyer Sam Aguiar says he has been working with Representative Scott to bring this bill and turn it into law.

“Legislation needs to get passed, people die because of this, Breonna died because of this,” Aguiar said. “Tamika Palmer keeps saying on and on again, ‘we don’t want anybody else to die, as a result of this.’”

Results and change are what protesters say they want to see; beginning with ways to combat what protesters say is systematic oppression.

“We know we must have a recipe to confront those oppressive systems that recipe is protest politics and policy,” Angelo Pinto, Co-Founder of Until Freedom, a social justice group. “It’s a recipe of transformation.”

During the press conference, Rep. Scott called for Mayor Greg Fischer’s resignation and called on Governor Beshear to be more involved in the call to action.

“I expect for them to say they support Breonna’s law for Kentucky,” Rep. Scott said. “There’s no reason for them to be silent on this and we can not allow them to be silent.”

Another bill is expected to be worked on during the next legislative session. Representative Lisa Wilner sponsored a bill that would demilitarize police.

The legislative session resumes in January. However, Rep. Scott says she’s going to try and convince Gov. Beshear to return to Frankfort for a special session to vote and pass Breonna’s Law.

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