‘She’s so strong:’ Abused, neglected dog thriving after months-long recovery

‘She’s so strong:’ Abused, neglected dog thriving after months-long recovery
Phoenix has made a dramatic recovery since the SPCA took her in earlier this year. (Source: SPCA Cincinnati)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A dog rescued by SPCA Cincinnati is making a dramatic recovery and is now the face of the organization’s latest fundraiser.

The dog, Phoenix, came into the SPCA’s care in April 2020. SPCA Public Information Officer Nyketa Gaffney says Phoenix’s life was on the line because the dog’s heart had stopped beating and she was not breathing.

Gaffney says at one point the 7-year-old dog went into septic shock.

“It took them 12 rounds of CPR to stabilize her,” Gaffney said.

According to Gaffney, Phoenix’s injuries included two permanent wrist dislocations. Those are signs, she says, of abuse and neglect.

“She was emaciated. She could not hold her head up. Bones were literally out of her body,” Gaffney said. “It’s unfortunate that folks get to that point. How we treat animals is a reflection of how we treat others as people.”

Gaffney says Phoenix has already overcome the odds. However, her fight is not yet over, as there are more surgeries and vet visits to come.

“She has gone through so much, but she’s done it with such tenacity. Her personality just shines through. She’s so strong. She’s so brave,” Gaffney explained.

Phoenix is currently living with a foster family. The SPCA hopes to adopt her out around the holidays.

Phoenix is also the spotlight dog for the SPCA’s upcoming virtual fundraiser, The 2020 Fur Ball Gala.

Gaffney says they hope the courageous canine sets a standard and is an example of what can happen if you never give up.

“To know that she was not even breathing when she came in, and we’ve had to recover her twice,” Gaffney said. “It’s one of those things... it reminds you that through it all, anything is possible.”

Gaffney says Phoenix’s name is fitting since she has “risen from the ashes.”

There is an investigation underway, Gaffney explains, to determine possible charges related to the reported abuse and neglect.

The SPCA is currently seeking donations to help care for animals like Phoenix. Those interested can donate online through the Fur Ball virtual fundraiser website.

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