Special Weather Blog: Remnants of Laura Arrive

StormTALK! Weather Blog Update

Yet another tropical system is moving through WAVE Country today. We usually pick one or two of these each summer. And like most of them, heavy rain and brief tornadoes are the main hazards with weakening tropical cyclones.

The track is key on WHERE those threats are maximized. Current trends so far today indicate Tennessee is more in line with picking up the max threat of both of the those threats, however at least the southern half of KY needs to be on guard as well. The risk drops off the more you travel toward Louisville and I-64. And the threat is very low, if not zero, once you move north into Indiana.

Timing will vary not only on location but also on how the banding of these waves develop. They will spiral out and push in from the south. We’ll need to watch any band that ends up in a north/south orientation and doesn’t move fast. That is a setup for flash flooding. Just too early to make that call on those features.

The tornado threat is not the same as you would find in the ’big time’ spring thunderstorms. These funnels don’t always touch the ground but if they do, the risk for a tornado of course can take place. Given the wind fields, they can develop, pop down and pop right back up....all in a matter of minutes. Radar technology has become advanced enough that even if a hint of this risk shows up, the NWS will likely prompt a Tornado Warning.

Just be weather aware this afternoon and tonight and make sure you have a way to get alerts.

We’ll keep you post on the WAVE 3 Weather App.

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