Presbyterian Church organization marches for social justice

Presbyterian Church organization marches for social justice

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A church organization is using its platform to continue conversation about social justice and racial issues.  The Presbyterian Church USA organization, located in Louisville, got people downtown to peacefully march.

A crowd marched as the conversation for racial equality and growth does too.

“We’re connecting with our long history of engaging in social justice issues,” said Reverend Doctor Herbert Nelson of Presbyterian Church USA.

People stood in the lawn outside the Presbyterian Center on Witherspoon Street listening to preachers as they share a message about inclusivity.

However, Rev. Dr. Nelson says, there’s still work to do to create a more unified front. Rev. Dr. Nelson said being in the Louisville community for years, he hoped the center would’ve seen some change. 

“We have been known for our work in the life of community,” Rev. Dr. Nelson said.  “Poor communities, marginalized communities and communities of wealth to help the wealthy people, understand the problems of the poor.”

Racial injustice has hit home, and he says the spotlight has focused in on how the city has fallen apart. 

“There’s great neglect for African Americans in particular,” Rev. Dr. Nelson said.  “People who have been disenfranchised economically and otherwise within the life of the city. We want to be a an all-American city and not just in name. We want to be an all American city in which what we stand for.” 

Rev. Dr. Nelson talked about ways violence has penetrated at-risk youth and the focus should start on helping that generation succeed.

“We are citizens in the life of the community, corporate, religious or otherwise,” he said.  “We’re going to be part of the solution in making it a better place.”

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