Free school opens for low-income families

Free school opens for low-income families

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - Parents across WAVE Country are trying to figure out how to balance our new normal and take care of their children. One woman has created a free school for families struggling financially.

Every book, song, and title has a meaning at the York Academy of Discovery. Founder Becky Kischnick’s mission is on the base of the school’s name. York was a slave on the Lewis and Clark Expedition who made significant contributions and discoveries.

“Our mission is to advocate on behalf of young children,” Kischnick said. “We remember our name.”We are a voice for the voiceless and we help them develop their voice and also that we should provide a place of discovery.”

Each unzipped backpack opens equal access and opportunities to a quality faith-based education for free.

“A lot of time low-income families aren’t able to have that choice,” Kischnick said.

The message behind the school is shown with characters of every shade on the cover of books and music from all genres. The school is open from Monday thru Thursday. Friday is set aside for Family Day to give parents the opportunity to check in on their child’s progress.

The progress and growth don’t end at the classroom door for the four to five-year-olds. Kischnick does home visits to check on and support families.

“We believe that when we develop the whole child that we do it socially, emotionally, physically intellectually and spiritually,” Kischnick said.

The classroom of three is looking to bring balance, equity, and quality to three more students. The retired teacher said she values children and wants to make sure they have a concrete foundation and start in life.

The school is funded through donations and Kischnick said she hopes to apply for grants in the future. Students also receive free art classes and soon dance classes. After the coronavirus, the school will accept up to ten students.

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