KKK newspaper left on doorsteps of PRP neighborhood

Published: Sep. 10, 2020 at 12:35 AM EDT
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The newspaper left on the doorstep of PRP homes.
The newspaper left on the doorstep of PRP homes.(WAVE)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Some PRP residents were left shocked when they found a newspaper from the KKK on their doorstep.

Austin Beam sent these photos of the Crusader he found lying on his doorstep Tuesday morning. He told WAVE 3 News other people in his neighborhood got it as well.

“Nothing like that has been distributed in my neighborhood before, and I’ve been here two years,” Beam said.

The publication calls itself “the voice of the white resistance,” and Beam feels the Klan is trying to capitalize on racial tension in the city.

“I feel like they are trying to warp people who are on the fence or are afraid because they hear snippets and aren’t sure what’s going on,” Beam said.

Much of the paper is about fighting against “Globalists, Leftists, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the NFAC, and other similar groups."

The KKK newspaper found on a PRP doorstep.
The KKK newspaper found on a PRP doorstep.(WAVE)

He’s been to the protests and listened to people’s accounts of racism in Louisville, stories that need to be heard.

“Articles like the ones that were written in that paper are trying to frame it as something else, trying to frame one incident out of 10 as being, ‘This is how everything is, you should be scared, you should be afraid,’ and that’s not how it is,” Beam said.

A copy also landed at Kristin Kidwell’s home. She was greatly disturbed by the articles, written by leaders of what the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a hate group.

“There was a sentence that said ‘Communism, nowadays Black Lives Matter and Antifa...’ What? That has nothing to do with any of this,” Kidwell said.

She wasn’t as surprised as some of her neighbors that the Klan delivered their message here, but she is bothered.

“I really think it is just to generate a stir and reach out to people on the fence not really sure of what to believe,” Kidwell said.

WAVE 3 News reached out in response to the flyers being distributed. The KKK responded by saying: ″We distribute our flyer to educate. We’re not the bad people here. Blm and antifa are. They are rioting and destroying our communities because they’re not getting their way. In the mean time, you have law abiding Christian white Americans that feel unwelcome in their own country. We want them to know that they’re still welcome. This is OUR country. Due to recent violence and destruction by these terrorist groups, antifa and BLM, we will be more active. Look forward to seeing a lot more of the Honorable Sacred Knights in Louisville and surrounding areas."

As a disclaimer, Antifa is a shortened term for “anti-fascists." It is an ideology and political movement, not an organized group.

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