High school football returns in Kentucky with new rules and smaller crowds

Published: Sep. 11, 2020 at 11:50 PM EDT
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TAYLORSVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - While Kentuckians' daily lives have taken a hard hit as people try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, high school football returned to Kentucky Friday night with new rules and smaller crowds.

So, what can we expect for this new and unprecedented season for school sports? WAVE 3 stopped by the normally packed rivalry game of Spencer County High versus Collins High to find out.

“This game is probably the biggest on the schedule,” one fan, Steve Fowler, said. “It’s usually like a Male-Manual, St. X-Trinity, but today it’s weird.”

The stands were a bit bare for Friday night football, only filled at about 20% capacity, but that doesn’t mean the support wasn’t there.

“The highway running right next to the field is going to be packed tonight with people who can’t get in, so yeah a lot of tailgating,” Fowler said.

Only two vouchers were given to families of each of the kids involved.

“My husband didn’t get to come tonight but that’s ok,” Tiffanni Frederick said. “We’ll all kind of take turns going and supporting, so that part kind of stinks but I get it. It’s better than nothing.”

It’s not just the number of fans they had to limit, but the band and cheerleaders as well. Frederick’s son is in the band.

“They won’t get to do the full show they normally do, but just being able to all be together with their friends and being able to support the team is really exciting,” Fredericks said.

It’s not too different from what most places are enforcing now, like temperature checks and giving contact tracing information, but it was still odd for many to see masked cheerleaders and players. The concession stand even looked a bit different. However, for Bears fans like Fowler, the moment was still big enough.

“Feels good to get out of the house enjoy some football,” Fowler said.

Collins ended up taking Friday’s game, winning 36 to 28.

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