Wildlife in Need’s owner says animals weren’t removed from property before officials arrived

Wildlife in Need's owner says he never hid animals from Indianapolis Zoo workers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The owner of Wildlife in Need, Tim Stark, tells WAVE 3 News he didn’t remove animals from his property before officials could.

The Indiana Attorney General filed an emergency motion Monday saying dozens of animals were missing from the property when the Indianapolis Zoo arrived to take them into it’s care.

On Tuesday, Stark spoke with WAVE 3 News and said the Indianapolis Zoo let people on his property who took them instead.

It’s yet another back and forth battle between Tim Stark and the state.

The Indiana Attorney General reported nearly 120 thousand dollars worth of animals from Wildlife in Need weren’t on the property when officials came to remove them Friday.

In response to the emergency motion, Stark filed a police report.

“I want charges filed on Dr. Shoemaker and Phil Rizo,” Stark said. “Those are the two individuals in charge of this cluster they got going on back there.”

Stark said the Indianapolis Zoo has allowed people from across the country to come onto the Wildlife in Need property and take away his animals. He said they’ve stolen some, and zoo officials haven’t kept track.

“If they see an animal that’s sitting there that’s worth 30,000 (dollars), you think they ain’t going to snatch that son of a b****h? That’s more or less 30,000 cash sitting right there," Stark said.

The emergency motion also accuses Stark of hiding some of his animals in a box truck, without ventilation or water, and parking it away from the property.

Stark said he crated the animals after the Indianapolis Zoo asked him to. He put them in the truck, off the property so they weren’t in the way.

“If I was going to hide animals, I’m hauling across state lines," Stark said. "I’m not going to park them over here within rock’s throwing distance.”

WAVE 3 News reached out to the Indianapolis Zoo for comment but has not heard back. The emergency motion filed against Stark asks that he be taken into police custody, but so far he has not been arrested.

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