Local organizations push for the Black vote and change

Local organizations push for the Black vote and change
The league is working on increasing black voter engagement. (Source: WAVE)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The push is on to get voters engaged with election day less than two months away.

Friday is National Black Voters Day. The Louisville Urban League and its supporting organizations said they plan on reaching out to 42,000 voters not registered in the commonwealth.

The plan is to make sure everyone who has the right to vote exercises their right. The Louisville Urban League is working with organizations including: Evolve, Russell Place United, the NAACP, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, ACLU, National Pan Hellenic council, and law firm Frost Brown Todd.

The Louisville Urban League is pushing for all Black voters to get to the polls using operations from phone banks to caravans to free transportation.

Louisville Urban League President Sadiqa Reynolds said she knows many people are distracted by the stresses of their lives. The current racial divides ripping through society create an entire level of other issues, but the community needs to do its part and not wait until the last minute to vote.

“People have died for Black people to have the right to vote. People are still dying because some of us are not voting.” Reynolds said. “Some of us are not using our voices. You do not have the right to be silent and staying home is silence.”

The Urban League will release a PSA within the next week to encourage voters. A message drilled in by the Louisville Urban League is that protests need to be taken to the polls to put people in office who believe in the change that needs to be made.

Reynolds reminded voters that they need to be requesting mail in ballots now. She highly suggests taking them to the drop off box, however they can also be mailed in.

October 5th is last day to register to vote. October 13th in person voting starts. The Urban league will provide free transportation to the polls as well as non-partisan voting assistance to make sure ballots are filled out correctly.

You can find all the information you need to vote, vote correctly and make sure your vote counts at the Urban League.

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