Local family holds onto each other and their faith in this trying time

Local family holds onto each other and their faith in this trying time
Local family holds onto each other and their faith in this trying time

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Hurricane Laura dealt some heavy blows to many families across Southwest Louisiana, including the Aguillard family, who have been holding onto faith and each other during this recovery.

“You never know how much junk you have until something like this happens...yeah it’s really bad right there." they say as they walk through their home; a home that helped raise eight children and built a bond unlike any other for the Aguillard family.

“Being together and sharing everything together, it’s nothing like it,” since Hurricane Laura, the Aguillards have shared a lot.

Jimmy and Mercedes along with four of their children and their children are now all living under one roof.

For their daughter, Jessica, and her family of four Laura left them with nothing, uprooting them from their home in Grand Lake, where things were more accessible for her son, Hanson who has special needs.

“Staying here is good, but at our house he had his own chair that would lift up where he could lift himself which is now full of insulation. Everybody has been affected so it’s hard to ask for help when you know everyone is in the same boat.”

In a way, the whole family has experienced some form of loss within this last year and these last few weeks. One brother had recently been diagnosed with stage four cancer, another brother lost his entire vet practice due to Laura.

“My brother got home before I did and sent a picture of the practice. I couldn’t believe it, I don’t know what I felt, I still don’t know," said Jeff Aguillard.

Another sister, lost a brand new home just days away from moving in.

“There’s no top to our house, we just painted and we’re fixing to move in and sell the house we were in. It felt like I was losing a part of my body.”

For Jessica Aguillard, she finds comfort in knowing that her family is safe.

”I’m okay, my kids are good, we have good insurance. It’s knowing that there’s others that aren’t as lucky which makes it hard.

“A hard situation made easier through faith and family, which they say is what’s getting them through every day of uncertainty.

“I can’t even imagine going through it without somebody else, being together it helps a lot," expressed Jessica.

And Jeff agrees, ”once a Hurricane takes everything you’ve got, you realize exactly what was the most important thing and possessions aren’t it."

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