Schools urge sports fans to wear masks so teams can keep playing

Schools urge sports fans to wear masks so teams can keep playing
Schools urge sports fans to wear masks so teams can keep playing - 10 p.m. report

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Saturday, September 19th, marks six months since COVID-19 cases were first found in the Tri-State.

14 News brought you live team coverage in March from Owensboro after getting those cases confirmed. Since then, the pandemic has had a powerful impact locally, including with schools and local sports.

We are learning if more people across Kentucky do not comply with wearing a mask at athletic events, some seasons may be cut short.

Daviess County’s Apollo High School hosted Meade County Friday night.

“They’re excited; they’ve been waiting,” Meade County fan Tony Clarkson shared. “The time has finally come for them, so they’re ready to get out there and make it happen.”

This game is played as the Kentucky High School Athletic Association says several schools are in danger of having their sport programs shut down because people are reportedly ignoring mask wearing guidelines at athletic events.

“Everybody just needs to get used to wearing them; it’s not going anywhere,” Apollo parent Jenny Brown stated. “For sports, if they require it, and they’re going to cancel it if people don’t wear them, then they just need to go ahead and wear them.”

Apollo school leaders are taking safety seriously. The stadium has a 20% attendance capacity. This means is roughly 180 fans will be allowed on the visitors side, plus 500 for the Eagles.

All fans, regardless of which side, are being required to wear mask.

Families are also encouraged to keep space away from others.

“Really wish everybody would wear their mask so the kids can continue to play,” Clarkson added.

Apollo’s athletic director says regardless of how anyone feels about wearing the mask, it should be worn while watching the game for the sake of student athletes wanting to play.

“They learn a lot from being involved,” athletic director Dan Crume said. “They learn to work with individuals, learn to work as a team, work as a group, overcome adversity and there is just a lot of skills they learn that they can carry forward with them as they’re involved in school.”

Apollo won 17-14.

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