Louisville surpasses 2016 homicide record with 121 murders as of mid-September

Louisville continues to surpass records when it comes to violence and deaths caused by those pulling the triggers.
Updated: Sep. 20, 2020 at 6:52 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville continues to surpass records when it comes to violence and deaths caused by those pulling the triggers.

In 2020, Christopher 2X Game Changers organization said more young people are involved in violent crimes.

This leads community activist and Game Changers Executive Director Christopher 2X to believe homicide numbers won’t decrease.

“The same way we’re jumping in on COVID, we have to jump in on violent crime,” 2X said.

Otherwise, he believes any chance of saving lives will get much harder to do.

“Young people are getting involved in pulling the trigger more than in other years,” 2X said. “We have not been that successful as a city. Even people in the grassroots, like myself, people who care about these issues, at [as it] may be persuading a younger generation to looking at gun play and looking at it like poison and dying from it.”

2X said the violent habits are learned; proof seems to be coming from the numbers. Game Changers broke down the crime by homicides and gunshot victims:

  • 2016 was the most violent year on record for Louisville, there were a total of 117 homicides. According to a WAVE 3 News report from that year, nearly half of the homicides throughout the commonwealth of Kentucky came from Louisville.
  • In 2020, there have been a total of 121 homicides as of September 20, and nearly 500 non-fatal gunshot victims.

2X says month by month the city is breaking records.

“The concern of us hitting 20+ homicides a month is something we never encountered in 2016 with the high numbers and we never encountered that before," 2X said.

There’s always the believed notion and slight hope, once the cold winter weather rolls in, violent gun crimes aren’t so frequent; But because more young kids are getting involved, 2X says there’s a possibility to expect a cold snap.

“I don’t know that anybody is going to get any comfort into mid-fall and early whether or heavy part of winter, where the shooting people would think it would tick down,” 2X said. "I think all things are off the table because of the consistency of the gun fire that’s going down. "

Game Changers urges families to take reigns on the violence in their community, stand up to the fear of retaliation, and put young kids into positive-life style groups.

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