Protesters reiterate demands after Breonna Taylor grand jury decision

Protesters reiterate demands after Breonna Taylor grand jury decision

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The decision of a Jefferson County grand jury related to the death of Breonna Taylor has left some protesters unsatisfied searching for justice.

Former Louisville police officer Brett Hankison fired his weapon the night Taylor was killed leading to him being indicted on criminal charges of wanton endangerment. No charges were related directly to the death of Breonna Taylor.

Protesters trickled back to the site after a newly imposed curfew was lifted for the Thursday morning when the sun rose over Jefferson Square Park.

Many of those protesters are stuck with sour stomachs and broken hearts.

“I’m pissed off like everybody else because no justice was done,” Michael Tee, who was sitting in the park, said.

Rev. Raymond Johnson, a Vietnam War veteran, traveled from North Carolina to support protesters spiritually.

“I’ve seen a lot of death and I’ve seen a lot of tragedy,” Johnson said. “To see this here, in the United States, is hard. I could feel the pain that the city was going through.”

That pain may be especially harsh for Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, who posting on Facebook Thursday.

“It’s still #JusticeForBre,” Palmer wrote. "Its still and always has been us against them. "

Black Lives Matter Louisville reiterated its demands Thursday in a press release:

  1. Immediately fire and revoke the pensions of the officers that murdered Breonna.
  2. Divest from LMPD and Invest in community building
  3. Immediate resignation (or impeachment) of Mayor Greg Fisher
  4. Metro Council ends use of force by Louisville Metro Police Department.
  5. Police shootings are gun violence.
  6. A local, civilian community police accountability council that is independent from the Mayor’s Office and LMPD with investigation and discipline power #CPAC.
  7. The creation of policy to ensure transparent investigation processes

Some in the park Thursday echoed similar desires for change.

“We should be controlling who’s on the police force and who gets kicked off the police force.” Tee said. “We should have the final say on police practices and policies. We’re not going to leave it up to their good intentions to investigate themselves.”

Tee added that voting in the November election is a critical part of his vision for change. He expressed discontent with President Donald Trump’s handling of issues surrounding race and his relationship with Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Despite the decision by the grand jury, some said it’s important their fight for change continues.

“We aren’t target practice,” Greg Rivers, who was in Jefferson Square Park Thursday, said. “If we allow this to keep going, then there will be no justice.”

Some downtown also stressed they wanted to move forward in a peaceful manner.

“A change is going to come,” Johnson said. “It may not come overnight. It could come in little bit, by little bit. Every time something happens, it brings more attention to the situation and it’s going to get better. But it’s going to take time and we have to keep pressing.”

Louisville Urban League CEO Sadiqa Reynolds tweeted a show of support for those disappointed by the grand jury’s decision.

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