Calls continue for release of information in Breonna Taylor case

Calls continue for release of information in Breonna Taylor case

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - As calls continue to be louder for the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to release the grand jury information in the Breonna Taylor case, there are some issues Cameron may be considering for not releasing more than he already has.

The attorney general maintains he’s trying to protect the pending prosecution against former LMPD officer Brett Hankison. His office responded Friday to the Taylor family’s request to release the grand jury transcript in a statement saying in part, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but prosecutors and grand jury members are bound by the facts and by the law.”

The grand jury charged only one of three LMPD officers in the case, Hankison, with three felony counts of wanton endangerment. Cameron said in a press conference earlier in the week that the other two officers' use of force was justified to protect themselves.

The grand jury determined the two had the right to return fire after Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired first. Cameron released how many rounds were fired and confirmed that none of Hankison’s rounds struck Taylor.

Governor Andy Beshear, however, called for more information to be released to the public.

“It’s time to post all the information, all the facts, all the interviews, all the evidence," the governor said.

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Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor

Independent attorneys told WAVE 3 News that releasing grand jury information rides a fine line.

Changes came a few years ago for Jefferson Circuit Courts; in the past, a prosecutor’s evidence went into the court file and the public could see it. Now, the file only goes to attorneys.

One concern for Cameron could be that releasing too much information could cause Hankison’s attorney to claim his client can’t get a fair trial.

“A lot of this information is going to come out in the trial, but it is hard to wait especially after you’ve been waiting so long," State Senator and attorney Morgan McGarvey, a Democrat representing District 19, said.

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Breonna Taylor’s neighbor relives morning of LMPD search warrant leading to Taylor’s death

McGarvey said the secrecy of the grand jury is determined by the court. Motions can be made to the judge in the case to release more evidence, and McGarvey believes attorneys involved in the Breonna Taylor case will likely get it.

“If Kenneth Walker’s attorney wants to have a copy of the file, then they’ll make a motion with the court to get a copy of the file," he said. "I think they probably would get it.”

Walker’s attorney Steve Romines told WAVE 3 News he filed a motion Friday to get access to the evidence file.

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