WATCH: Video shows chaotic moments after Sgt. Mattingly was shot in Breonna Taylor raid

In the video, Mattingly is seen injured and bleeding after being shot in his femoral artery by Breonna Taylor's boyfriend.
Published: Sep. 25, 2020 at 9:58 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - New video shows the immediate moments after LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly was shot by Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, as Attorney General Daniel Cameron confirmed this week.

The video was taken off an officer’s body camera at the scene outside of Taylor’s apartment.

(WARNING: Some of the content and language in the video below might offend some members of the viewing audience -- Story continues below the video)

Jon Mattingly's attorney tweeted a video showing the chaotic moments after he was shot during the Breonna Taylor raid.

In the video, Mattingly is seen injured and bleeding after being shot in his femoral artery. The video picks up after officers had applied a tourniquet on Mattingly’s leg.

The moments captured are chaotic, with no ambulance in sight. Officers are heard yelling to put Mattingly on top of the vehicle’s trunk to get him away.

Taylor had already been shot inside the apartment. EMS crews had not yet responded to her home as Mattingly was being taken away. Wednesday, Cameron said Taylor most likely died within a minute or two of being shot.

One officer in the video seems to be unaware if there is still any danger.

(Story continues below tweet)

The car then starts driving toward the exit of the apartment complex.

The body cam video was released by Mattingly’s attorney, Todd McMurtry.

“They called him a ‘murderer,’ when all he did was defend himself,” McMurtry said. “This is the raw video of Louisville officer Sgt. John Mattingly shortly after Kenneth Walker shot him.”

LMPD Interim Chief Rob Schroeder confirmed at a news conference Friday that he is aware of the video, but said he couldn’t get into specifics.

“We are aware of the body-camera video that’s been circulating on social media,” he said. “It does reflect the treatment of Sgt. Mattingly after his gunshot wound. I will not be able to comment further.”

Schroeder was then asked why this officer body-camera video existed when there’s been no release of body-camera video of the shooting at Taylor’s apartment moments earlier.

“There were no body cameras of the incident itself,” he said. “We believe that video may have been from one of the responding officers.”

In a statement first published by WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters, Mattingly’s wife said he’d undergone surgery for five hours while doctors attempted to repair his femoral artery. She stated he’d lost so much blood, he had to receive multiple blood transfusions.

LMPD has previously not denied there were other body camera videos but maintained there weren’t any videos of the actual shooting that ended Taylor’s life.

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