STAC seizes ‘Zombie Drug’ in Huntsville

STAC seizes ‘Zombie Drug’ in Huntsville
STAC seizes large amounts of 'Zombie Drug' in Huntsville (Source: Huntsville PD)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville police reported agents of the North Alabama Drug Task Force (STAC) seized over nine pounds of an extremely dangerous synthetic drug called Flakka.

This stimulant is also referred to as the “Zombie Drug” due to the effects it has on its users. The National Institute of Drug Abuse states it as a synthetic cathinone which produces a catatonic-like state in some people.

People who use the drug reportedly go mad, become violent and experience zombie-like rampages.

Agents also obtained nearly two pounds of MDMA, thirty-one grams of meth, and approximately $5,500 in drug proceeds. The street value of everything collected is approximately $290,000.

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