Attorneys for Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor family want grand jury transcripts released

Published: Sep. 27, 2020 at 6:32 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - An attorney for the Taylor family is calling for Attorney General Daniel Cameron to release grand jury transcripts, this after they decided not to charge any of the officers involved in her death.

The word transparency has been said a number of times lately. It’s being echoed by Breonna Taylor’s family, lawyers, people protesting in the streets, city and state leaders demanding justice and accountability for the officers who were there that night Taylor was killed.

Attorney Ben Crump says the transcripts should be released so people can know if there was anyone who gave a voice to Breonna Taylor.

Crump told NBC News that people don’t trust what happened in the grand jury proceedings, adding that transparency equals accountability and that leads to trust.

The Taylor family attorney says as we have seen day after day, with people marching in the streets of Louisville and around the country, it’s because they don’t trust the grand jury proceedings.

The grand jury decision was made based on evidence gathered and presented by Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

“The fact that this new information, new evidence, is being released six months after her death is that they never planned on releasing any information,” Crump said. “They planned on sweeping this under the rug. They always planned on, clearly, sweeping this under the rug. They never meant for this black woman to get justice." "

Kenneth Walker, who was inside Taylor’s apartment on March 13, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Louisville and Louisville Metro Police. A motion was filed on Saturday also requesting the release of grand jury transcripts and recordings.

“Kenny Walker, as a Black man in America, doesn’t he have a right to the Second Amendment? Or is it just the militia that shows up at the Michigan statehouse that has a right to the Second Amendment?” Crump asked. “This Black man had every right to defend Breonna Taylor, and himself, and their castle, from what, they assumed, were intruders.”

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said during his announcement Wednesday that there was no body cam footage of the March 13 raid at Taylor’s apartment. Attorneys for both Walker and the Taylor family have questioned whether Cameron’s investigation is thorough.

“And the fact that you have these no-knock warrants, they are inherently dangerous because police are coming in plain clothes, they’re not announcing themselves, and they’re bustin' in peoples' houses in the middle of the night,” Crump said. "Can you imagine somebody bustin' in your house in plain clothes, not identifying themselves, wouldn’t you feel you have a right to defend yourself?”

The grand jury brought three counts of wanton endangerment against fired officer Brett Hankison for shooting into Taylor’s neighbors' home. Hankison is expected in court on Monday.

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