New videos surface of the Breonna Taylor shooting aftermath

Report: Brett Hankison told to ‘back out’ of Breonna Taylor’s apartment following raid

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A number of new videos from the aftermath of the Breonna Taylor shooting have recently surfaced.

One video, obtained by WAVE 3 News shows an officer driving to the scene at Taylor’s apartment.

Over the radio, you can hear discussions about an ambulance.

“I’ve got EMS on standby,” can be heard.

The officer then pulls up to the complex and gets out of his car. There’s yelling in the background.

The officer asks about EMS’s status and gets back in his car, plowing through a chain link fence.

The body camera video goes on to show other officers work to save LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly’s by applying a tourniquet and place him on top of the car after being shot by Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend.

There is no sign of an ambulance for Mattingly, nor for Breonna Taylor, who at time was lying in the apartment’s hallway.

Another video released by VICE News shows Kenneth Walker walking backwards towards police with his hands up.

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“Walk back or I’ll send this dog,” an officer is yelling. “Keep your hands in the air, get down on your knees.”

Officers then approach Walker, placing him in handcuffs.

A second leaked video released obtained by VICE shows the now indicted, former officer Brett Hankison at the entrance of Taylor’s apartment. The video is a recording from another officer’s body camera.

Hankison is looking down at the casings with a flashlight and enters a couple of feet into the door.

“Is that theirs?” Hankison asks about the casings.

“No, it’s ours it looks like,” the other officer says. “Theirs is in there.”

Then that officer asks Hankison to leave the apartment until LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit investigators arrive.

“I’d back out until they get PIU in here,” that officer says.

“Is there any other guns visible?” Hankison asks.

“I did not see any,” the officer replies.

“Like a long gun?” Hankison asks.

That video drops off from there.

Mattingly would require multiple blood transfusions and was in surgery for five hours to repair his femoral artery according to a post from his wife who credited the officers in the video for saving his life.

The videos do bring into question any possible policy violations, like Hankison entering the apartment or not having another officer assigned to him before he left the scene. LMPD has launched internal policy investigations into a handful of officers to see if their own rules were broken.

LMPD has maintained there are no videos of the actual shooting exchange, only the aftermath.

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