Decision 2020: Meet Andy Ruff, Indiana’s 9th Congressional District Democratic nominee

Andy Ruff calls himself an “ordinary Hoosier.”
Published: Sep. 30, 2020 at 10:29 PM EDT
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NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WAVE) - Ahead of the November 3 General Election, WAVE 3 News will profile different candidates. In Indiana’s 9th Congressional District, the Republican incumbent, Trey Hollingsworth, is up for re-election. His Democratic challenger, Andy Ruff, spoke with WAVE 3 News about his plans if elected.

Ruff calls himself an “ordinary Hoosier.” Born and raised in Bloomington, he served on Bloomington’s City Council for 20 years.

“I developed a very strong public record of fighting for ordinary people, standing up for working folks, standing up for higher wage floors, for protecting our Indiana environment; for being a voice for ordinary people,” Ruff said.

I asked Ruff why people should vote for him over Hollingsworth.

“If you don’t really know something, you can’t really love it, and if you don’t really love something, then you’re not going to give it everything you’ve got to help it. I think that’s the difference between me and the current representative,” Ruff said. “I know the communities, I know the people, I know the land, and I care about them deeply.”

If elected, Ruff said he promises to improve infrastructure in the 9th District, including expanding access to the internet. He also mentioned his goals to expand Social Security benefits and establish Medicare for all.

“We need to move toward a public health-oriented, publicly controlled, rather than corporate-controlled, health care system,” Ruff said.

The environment is another focal point in Ruff’s campaign. If elected, Ruff said he will advocate for a Green New Deal approach to protecting the climate.

“The Green New Deal isn’t a specific policy, but it’s a framework for how we can implement a marshal plan across the country to transition us to more sustainable energy, and in that process, we will create a tremendous amount of jobs and economic activity,” Ruff said.

Andy Ruff is running as the Democratic candidate for Indiana's 9th Congressional District. HE...
Andy Ruff is running as the Democratic candidate for Indiana's 9th Congressional District. HE hopes to defeat the Republican incumbent, Trey Hollingsworth.(Source: Tori Gessner, WAVE 3 News)

In addition, Ruff said he plans to fight for justice for all on the state and federal level.

“I will also work and support all efforts at the federal level to help us as a country to live up to our American ideal of equal justice for all, regardless of color or income. We’re not there yet, we’ve never been there, but we need to work harder to get there,” Ruff said.

To read more about Ruff’s policies, visit his website by clicking here.

Look for more Decision 2020 profiles on WAVE 3 News in the coming weeks.

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