Online fundraiser set up to help LMPD Det. Myles Cosgrove retire

Online fundraiser set up to help LMPD Det. Myles Cosgrove retire
LMPD Det. Myles Cosgrove (Source: GiveSendGo)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - An online fundraiser has been set up for one of the Louisville Metro Police officers involved in the deadly shooting of Breonna Taylor in March.

The fundraiser, which is set up through GiveSendGo, seeks to raise $75,000 for the family of Detective Myles Cosgrove to buy out the remainder of his service time so he can retire from LMPD.

In its description, it states that it is no longer safe for Cosgrove to live and work in Louisville. It also says that any situation that results in the loss of human life is and should be considered a monumental travesty. The media is also blamed on the site for forging the Breonna Taylor case “into a tool for an agenda that has no regard for the lives that are being destroyed.”

As of the writing of this article, more than $17,000 has been pledged to help Cosgrove.

The full description of the GiveSendGo fundraiser states:

"The family of Detective Myles Cosgrove, an officer involved in the tragic Breonna Taylor case, is starting this fund in order to help secure the safety of Myles and his immediate family going forward. It has recently become clear that it will be impossible for Myles to safely return to his position serving the community with the Louisville Metro Police Department. We hope to raise enough funds to help him purchase the remainder of his service time, or “air-time,” so that he can retire from the LMPD and continue to focus on the safety of his family, a family that has been put continually at-risk over the past few months.

With regards to the media, nationally and locally, the Breonna Taylor case has been forged into a tool for an agenda that has no regard for the lives that are being destroyed. The result of that night was tragic for all involved, that is obvious. Any situation that results in the loss of human life is and should be considered a monumental travesty. As time has passed, as outrage has been made known, and as protests only continue to grow, it is our ongoing stance that creating a conversation which is both safe and rational is the only way to find a solution. We must create an atmosphere of progress for everyone. However, amidst this conversation, safety has proven difficult to come by for Myles and his family and we are, at this point, emotionally concerned for all parties involved.

While it’s imperative to listen to each and every one of our city’s voices at this cultural moment, we would like to highlight an important note, a simple exercise in understanding: Most people simply don’t understand what it’s like to be a police officer in America today. Most people don’t know what it’s like, as a career, to put your life on the line on the daily basis to simply serve and protect your community. Most people don’t know what it’s like to have a weapon fired at you. Even fewer know what it’s like, after all of that, to have the entire world turn on you with pure vitriol for simply performing your job exactly as you were trained to do by your superiors. We ask that you take a moment of empathy to place yourself in that position, think about what it would be like for yourself, and now consider what Myles and his family are going through.

Both professionally and in his personal life, Myles has always had a desire to help people. No matter the color of your skin, your gender, or your socio-economic background, if you reached out to Myles, he would be there to support you. This can be attested to by many people. Before the police force, Myles served as a United States Marine and was honorably discharged after his service. He has selflessly served this country and his communities, again and again, for the past 23 years, only to find himself the target of a meticulous campaign of disinformation.

The media oftentimes intentionally leaves out important details with regards to this specific case. They have, in a sense, lied by omission on many occasions. On social media, even more blatant lies about the facts have become harmfully widespread and numerous. Unfortunately, this has all resulted in a perpetual, nightmarish reality for Myles and his family. They have personally received countless threats. Myles' reputation has been completely dismantled and the psychological trauma is something that he will have to cope with for the rest of his life. Every day, the threats seem more legitimate and scarier; his family has been doxed and harassed, while the threats remain unrelenting. Although Myles may never feel completely safe again, if you can help us reach our goal, we can at least get him on a path to security and allow him to focus on his main objective: the safety of his family.

Thank you for your prayers and support!"

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