Decision 2020: How, when and where to vote in Kentucky, Indiana

Decision 2020: How, when and where to vote in Kentucky, Indiana
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WXIX) - Confused about how, when and where to vote in the upcoming general election? Here’s everything you need to know.


Kentucky’s general election plan features mail-in voting, early in-person voting and in-person voting on election day.

Mail-in ballots are available to all registered voters who say they’re worried about contracting the virus or spreading it, a determination the state will not question. Voters will not be asked for their age or health condition.

Voters can request a mail-in ballot through a streamlined online portal that will be open through Oct. 9. The ballots must be postmarked by election day and received by Nov. 6.

Ballot drop boxes will be available where Kentuckians can drop off their mail-in ballots if they are concerned about postal delays. The drop box locations will be determined by county clerks.

Beginning Oct. 13, a location in every county will be open Monday-Saturday for early in-person voting. Anyone can vote early for any reason.

On election day, every county will have one super-center voting location where everyone from every precinct in the county can go to vote.

Kentucky is waiving its new photo ID law for the election. Kentuckians who are concerned about contracting COVID-19 while acquiring a photo ID can sign a document explaining their concern and cast their ballot without one.

Find your early voting location and election-day location here.


Indiana voters can cast their ballot by mail or in-person on election day.

Unlike Kentucky, Indiana has not expanded its vote-by-mail excuses to include fear of COVID-19. Only voters that meet mail-in ballot requirements can do so. The application must be submitted by Oct. 22. Ballots must be received or submitted in-person by election day. Find out more here.

Early voting in Indiana begins Oct. 6. Find your location and hours here.

A valid photo ID is required to vote early-in person. Find examples here.

In-person voting on election day will take place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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