New body camera video shows more from the night Breonna Taylor was shot and killed

New body camera video shows more from the night Breonna Taylor was shot and killed

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - New video has been released that shows more details about what happened the night Breonna Taylor was shot and killed.

The 22-minute video (watch it below) was obtained and released by VICE News and shows more body camera footage from officers who arrived at Taylor’s home on Springfield Drive moments after Louisville Metro Police officers executed a search warrant at her home. The video also shows clips from the officers' Public Integrity Unity interviews where they discussed what happened during the incident.

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Some of the interviews were conducted on March 13, the day Taylor died. Others, including interviews with former Detective Brett Hankison, Detective Myles Cosgrove, and Sergeant Jon Mattingly, were conducted 12 days later.

During the interviews, the officers gave PIU investigators different accounts of what they saw and heard during the raid. For example, Hankison and Nobles have different accounts of who they thought would be in Taylor’s apartment when they executed the warrant."

“We were told that it shouldn’t be a problem,” Detective Mike Nobles told investigators. “It was supposed to be her and her kid, maybe her and a small child there.”

“Umm, nothing like kids or dogs or anything like that,” Hankison said.

The video also shows body camera footage from SWAT officers for the first time. In it, the SWAT team is seen walking outside 2424 Elliott Avenue, the center of LMPD’s drug investigation. In the video, SWAT officers are made aware of Mattingly’s injury over the radio and are rerouted from Elliott Avenue to Springfield Drive, where they’re shown breaking through a chain-link fence to gain entry to the apartment complex.

SWAT officers can also be seen asking questions about what happened at Taylor’s apartment before they arrived. The video also shows SWAT Commander Lieutenant Dale Massey’s interview with PIU.

“They’re still literally just pointing, and they don’t know what they’re pointing at, more or less," Massey said. "The target identification, there’s nothing to point at, because there’s cars and everything else. You’re just pointing a gun to point a gun.”

Massey told PIU investigators he instructed officers to “check-up” their rifles when he arrived on the scene.

The VICE video also plays audio from an interview with former LMPD Chief Steve Conrad talking to PIU investigators about his recollection of events that night. In the video, Conrad told officers he was at the hospital checking on Mattingly when he saw Hankison walk in.

“I was waiting to see what was going to happen with Sgt. Mattingly," Conrad said. “I saw Brett Hankison walk through the E.R. I was surprised by that because the typical response is that someone from Public Integrity is usually tasked with keeping up with the officers involved to make sure they get back here.”

When asked in his interview if he ever made contact with peer support, Hankison told PIU he believed someone from peer support was at the hospital.

The video also shows LMPD’s interaction with Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, in greater detail. Police can be heard yelling at Walker, who shot and injured Mattingly during the raid, to exit the apartment and walk towards them. Once he makes his way to officers, he is handcuffed and led to the back of a marked LMPD unit.

“The gun’s legal, like, and everything," Walker said to officers. "We don’t even know who it was. [Taylor] asked 10 times who’s at the door.”

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