Former LMPD Chief Conrad said he was ‘surprised’ to see Hankison at hospital following shooting

Former LMPD Chief Conrad said he was ‘surprised’ to see Hankison at hospital following shooting
Then-LMPD Chief Steve Conrad, who would be fired on June 1, was interviewed several days after the raid. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on Wednesday released to the public the city’s investigation into the deadly Breonna Taylor raid.

The massive file -- 4,470 pages of documents, including more than 1,000 photos, transcriptions of nearly 120 interviews and at least 50 officer body-camera videos -- was compiled by LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit, which investigates potential criminal cases involving city employees.

Taylor, 26, was shot dead when LMPD narcotics officers served a warrant at her home in March. The case has sparked months of protests on city streets, as well as a national outcry calling for police reform.

Sgt. Jon Mattingly was shot once during the raid and rushed to University Hospital. He and detectives Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankison were the officers who fired their weapons that night. Hankison was later terminated for “blindly” firing into neighboring apartments, and last month was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment.

Then-LMPD Chief Steve Conrad, who would be fired on June 1, was interviewed several days after the raid. He described what he saw at UofL Hospital when he went to check on Mattingly.

“I saw Brett Hankison walk through the ER,” Conrad said. “I was surprised by that because ... the typical ... response is that someone from Public Integrity is ... usually tasked with keeping up with the officers involved to make sure that they get back (to the police station).”

WAVE 3 News has previously reported that after firing 10 rounds from outside Taylor’s apartment, Hankison tried to get into it once other officers had begun investigating the scene. He had even asked if there were long guns in the apartment, and another officer had to tell him to wait for PIU to arrive.

Conrad also said in his interview that he’d been told by a member of the command staff that Hankison was “afraid” he was going to get fired, adding that he tried to calm him down when he saw him at the hospital.

“I hope you’re OK,” Conrad said he told Hankison. “We’ll work through this.”

Conrad said Hankison was “visibly shaking” during that encounter at the hospital.

“Not scared, but that, that kind of nervous sort of energy that you have after something traumatic,” Conrad said. “He was physically shaking ... as we talked.”

Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired what he would later call a warning shot when the officers used a battering ram to enter the apartment. Before that became known, however, he had told Hankison in the moments after the raid that Taylor was the one who fired a gun, according to Hankison’s testimony before the grand jury.

Conrad said when he was first briefed about the shooting, he, too, was told that “the woman was in fact the shooter.”

A lieutenant “shared that he had been told that the female ... in the house ... as officers got that door open, ah, saw her lying on the floor in a prone position holding a rifle.”

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron last week released to the public the presentation of his investigation to a grand jury after a juror filed a request for him to do so. That investigation concluded that Walker fired the shot that struck Mattingly, something Walker later admitted when he was interviewed by police hours after the shooting.

Read the transcripts from the officer and witness interviews with the PIU. Below is a list of whose interviews appear on which pages:

Kenneth Walker (1-48)

Sgt. Jon Mattingly (49-78)

Det. Brett Hankison (79-105)

Det. Myles Cosgrove (106-130)

Ofc. Mike Nobles (131-149)

Det. Mike Campbell (150-162)

Shawn Hoover (163-201)

Ofc. Tony James (202-233)

Sgt. Brandon Hogan (234-254)

Sgt. Joel Casse (255-283)

Sgt. Michael Burns (284-296)

Chief Steve Conrad (296-305)

Name redacted (306-311)

Name redacted (312-319)

Name redacted (320-322)

Name redacted (323-325)

Det. Mike Kuzma (326-333)

Sgt. Timothy L. Salyer (334-349)

Lt. Dale Massey (350-367)

Det. Josh Jaynes (368-413)

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